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A veteran educator of more than 15 years, Micah Murphy’s experience spans roles in youth ministry, middle school, high school, and higher ed, with special expertise in curriculum design. After discerning God’s call in seminary, Micah went on to earn his BA in Theology & Catechetics from Franciscan University and his MEd in Curriculum and Instruction from LSU Shreveport. He has also been certified by instructional design industry-standards organizations Quality Matters (QM) and the Online Learning Consortium (OLC).

In his years working for the Church, Micah has built youth programs from the ground up, written his own curricula for Church history, Catholic Social Teaching, Old Testament, and New Testament courses, and worked with a leading Catholic media firm to design websites, graphics, and products for some of America’s most in-demand Catholic speakers and radio hosts. After moving into higher ed, Micah noticed the discrepancy between the high standards of the secular industry and the low quality of Catholic course design. Something needed to be done.

“Just as secular institutions owe a great deal to the Church for establishing and building the entire university tradition, the Church owes it to secular institutions and to every student – to adopt the instructional design advancements made by secular institutions toward a Catholic end: the sanctity of every human soul.”

Armed with his deep institutional knowledge of the Catholic Church and her teachings as well as expertise in the industry standards of the instructional design field, Micah now offers his services to the Church’s evangelization efforts.

Micah lives near Shreveport, Louisiana with his graphic design marketing wife, Jennie, and their 7 children, 3 cats, and 1 dog. (Their homeschool is aptly registered as St. Therese of the Zoo). In his free time, Micah cartoons at Thy Geekdom Come.